Monthly Archives: July 2015

SPARC Europe sponsors The One Repo

sparc_europe1We are delighted to announce that SPARC Europe has sponsored The One Repo with funds to get us started with harvesting repositories. We’re honoured that SPARC Europe sees the same vision as us, and very proud to consider them our partners in this work.


Welcome Rob Sanderson to the One Repo Advisory Board

Once again, we’re delighted to announce a new member of the One Repo Advisory Board. One of the important directions we want to go with The One Repo is presenting the metadata of all the world’s open-access publications as Linked Data. To help us figure out the many issues involved in doing this right, we’ve brought in Rob Sanderson, a world expert in Linked Data and especially it use in the bibliographic realm.


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Ginny Barbour joins the One Repo Advisory Board

When I announced the formation of the One Repo advisory board a few days ago, I mentioned that we’d invited a few more people to join and were waiting for them to finalise their agreement. I am absolutely delighted to announce that we’re now able to add Ginny Barbour.


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