The One Repo featured in the Charleston Advisor’s Heard on the Net

We’re pleased that the One Repo, alongside Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship and the Open Library of Humanities, is featured in this week’s Heard on the Net piece in the Charleston Advisor.


Jill’s Emery piece consists of three brief interviews, each about projects that are “aimed at changing the current scholarly communications landscape and finding new ways to support and sustain scholarly information”: ARCS’s Robin Champieux, OLH’s Martin Eve, and me. Key quote:

Lots of people need access to scholarly research but don’t have it: doctors and their patients, parents of children with rare conditions, policy-makers, consumer organizations, fossil preparators, retired or otherwise unaffiliated scholars, teachers, enterprising schoolchildren, commercial research organizations, and so many more. (See Who Needs Access for some case studies.)

 Read the interviews here [local copy]

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