This is the blog of the One Repo project, which aims to change the world by solving the problem of repository fragmentation. You can read more about the project; or play with the demonstrator right now.

Copyright and licence

This blog is written mostly by Mike Taylor: Software Guy* with Index Data by day; Research Associate at the University of Bristol by night; open-access advocate all the time.

The text of this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Informally, that means: “do what you want with it so long as you give credit”. Individual images on this blog may be separately licenced: in these cases, the details will appear with the images themselves.

The banner image is British Museum Reading Room Panorama Feb 2006, taken by David Iliff and used here under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2. Thanks, David!

The text superimposed on the banner image was kindly provided by Tolkien Scholar David Salo. It is a Tengwar rendering of a Quenya (High-elven) phrase, whose translation is left as an exercise to the reader.


The software that runs The One Repo has been created by Index Data. They freely provide use of the software, server space, bandwidth, and Mike Taylor’s time.


* Yes, “Software Guy” is my actual job title.

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