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The One Repo in six minutes and 46 seconds

Between the 9th and 11th of March, I was at the annual conference of RLUK (Research Libraries UK). I had the privilege of explaining the One Repo project in a lightning talk in the 20×20 format — exactly 20 slides, each shown for exactly 20 seconds. The video of that talk is now available:

Obviously I had to cut some corners in the time available, so it’s not quite a comprehensive presentation — but I think it’s a pretty good introduction.


One Repo guest-post on the BioMed Central blog

It was our pleasure to write a guest post, The world needs One Repo, for the BioMed Central blog. That post is up today, and it’s a privilege to be featured on the blog of what I believe is the world’s biggest open-access publisher.


Read it here.

The One Repo featured in the Charleston Advisor’s Heard on the Net

We’re pleased that the One Repo, alongside Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship and the Open Library of Humanities, is featured in this week’s Heard on the Net piece in the Charleston Advisor.


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