The goal of the One Repo project is to resolve all the fragmentation problems that beset the world’s 4000 or so institutional repositories: gathering all their metadata, mapping it all into a single coherent profile, and releasing that data to the world without restrictions on re-use. It’s easy to imagine lots of uses it can be put to, including discovery, checking of compliance with OA mandates, and so on; but our greatest hope is that it will be used in many ways that we have not yet thought of. Essentially, we want to remove barriers to innovation in the use of open-access publications, opening doors to more efficient text and data mining, making it possible for people to create more useful indexes, create corpuses for preservation efforts, etc.

Single-page version

See the One Repo in a single page document.

In more detail

You can read more in the One Repo whitepaper.

See some of the people we’re working with in the Advisory Board.

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  1. Does Mike have an email ? I realy need to contact him


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