Regional/national/subject subsets in the One Repo

We’ve recently added an interesting new feature to The One Repo’s user interface. Now, any subdomain of the domain can be configured to provide access to a regional, national or subject-based subset of the harvested targets. For example, is set up to search only the US-based repositories.


We could equally set up for the union of all physics repositories, for example; or for European repositories.

What is the value of this? It means that the One Repo, as well as building towards its over-arching mission as a single, fully open source for all open-access research, is also now easily able to provide national or regional solutions. Our hope is that groups associated with countries, regions or subject areas, looking for an all-in-one solution in their area, will use a One Repo subset. In this way, we can gather funding from these groups to harvest the relevant data for them, and at the same time we’ll be building up coverage for the all-in-one set available at the top level.

We hope this will give us a way to eat the funding elephant one bite at a time, rather than having to get a multi-million-dollar grant from one of the few foundations that are potential candidates.

Please get in touch with us if you represent a national, region or subject-based group, and are interested in having a one-stop shop for all the open-access publications in your area. We can build, run and maintain it for you at a very competitive price — and at the same time, as a side-effect, you’d be contributing to the broader mission of the One Repo.

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